Helpful Links & Documents

Statement by Attorney General Eric Holder on Federal Recognition of Same-Sex Marriages in Michigan


Available daily trial transcripts

Judicial Orders and Case Documents

Expert Report of George Chauncey

116-3 Regnerus Report+CV


Witness List – State amended

Witness List – Plaintiff – amended

Response to Motion to exclude 2PA

P’s motion for Summary Dis

Order re Motion to Exclude 2PA

Order granting Motion to Bifurcate

Motion to exclude Regnerus testimony

Motion to exclude 2PA

Motion to Bifurcate

Answer to Amend Complaint – Snyder

Answer to Amend Complaint – Brown



7 thoughts on “Helpful Links & Documents

  1. Hello Jane…your expert reporting has been the highlight of our last 8 days! We check many times daily for your concise emails and updates on the trial. Thank you so much for the time that you have dedicated to this trial and the time you take to write your reports…I know you are respected by many people for your efforts.


  2. For the benefit of others. The navigation is a little wonky.
    Now over to the right, Recent Posts, is only The final day and it is not intuitive how to get to the other days.
    (On Trial is complete page scroll down under the article, you are able to get to page 8 link)
    My suggestion would be on that webpage where you already have Helpful Links, put links to Day 1, Day 2, etc,

    I can appreciate the enormous effort you put in, simply to inform the millions of people who are deeply interested in this trial. Kindly in no way look at my comment as criticism, I fully support that the most important thing, the priority was just writing & publishing what happened at the trial. When you have a moment your might consider an improvement to the navigation, (when you have a moment).
    Again my deepest appreciation for all that you have done. It matters.


    • For some reason this comment went through and got posted, but the one on this same page I posted just prior is in moderation.
      Perhaps because of the links in included in that previous comment?


  3. This is really, really, really picky so don’t feel any pressure. I don’t know how hard this would be to do but here is an idea.
    On the right, where you now show a link to each each day, In day 1, Day 2, list the people testifying. Day 1 was Rosenfeld, Day 2 Rosenfeld & Gates etc. (I can’t remember when Dr. Cotts testified but you get the idea)

    If it means actually re-naming the webpage itself, thereby giving a new & different URL I prolly wouldn’t change it. But if this is something that is a description and does not change the URL of the webpage okay, it would be a nice feature to show who testified on those days.

    I have been regularly tweeting out your blog, hope you are getting visitors. This is a really important Trial and you did a hell of a great job, I want people to come over here and read it, so I keep tweeting about it.


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