About Jane

Janehs4Jane A. Bassett is an attorney in private practice in Ann Arbor.  Her practice, founded in 1994, focuses on probate, elder  law, and domestic partnership family issues, including estate planning, second parent adoption, probate administration, special needs trusts, nursing home and Medicaid issues, and elder abuse and exploitation.

Ms. Bassett is a member of National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and the Elder Law and Disability Rights Section of the State Bar of Michigan.  She is a founding member of the Michigan non-profit corporation Coalition of Adoption Rights Equality, Inc.  She is a charter member of the National Family Law Advisory Committee of the National Center for Lesbian Rights, and a speaker at national law conferences on LGBT family and elder law.  Ms. Bassett is a past member of the board of advisors for the Housing Bureau for Seniors connected with Turner Geriatric Clinic at the University of Michigan, and a past founding board member of Cambios, Inc., a Michigan non-profit organization combating racism.



7 thoughts on “About Jane

  1. Hello, Jane! Theresa Bassett here! If possible (I don’t know your connection), please pass on to April and Jayne that they have the support of so many….many that they have never crossed paths with. It is never fun to be under the magnifying class and even less fun to receive criticism or worse yet, rants from less than compassionate people. I think of April and Jayne daily, wish them and their children the best. -Theresa


  2. I just read the whole trial on your blog. It was the best coverage I have found to date of this trial. Thanks so much for your hard work. As the attorney from prop 8 case said (Bloise I think is his name?) that testifying is a lonely place and that their lies melt away on the stand. Thanks again, great read


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