Deboer v. Snyder – Day 2 Update 1

Day 2 of the Deboer v. Snyder trial was short.  Dr. Rosenfeld finished up his direct testimony and was cross examined by the Attorney General’s office.  In the cross exam, the AG pulled several isolated quotes from Dr. Rosenfeld’s deposition testimony and attempted to get him to admit that he made statements that, without the context of the testimony, appeared to support the position of the State.  Dr. Rosenfeld was very skilled at identifying these attempts to skew the meaning of his testimony and was able to state that, while the quote was atttributed to him, the context of the quote gave the information meaning.  Since this is a bench trial, as opposed to a jury trial, it will be up to the Judge to determine the meaning of the testimony.

The State and the Plaintiffs then entered three stipulations on the record.  Stipulations are a way of formally agreeing to certain facts or proceedures that are not in dispute between the parties.  THis process saves the Court time and the parties the extra expense of bringing witnesses in to testify as to matters that are not disputed.  The parties stipulated as to the authenticity of two reports that were a part of the Plaintiff’s proposed exhibits and a stipulation to the proceedure of allowing the expert to testify through their written report without having to come to the Court to testify.  One of the reports is from a historian. George Chauncy, and the other is from Leslee Fritz who authored the Michigan Dept. of Civil Rights Report on LGBT Inclusion.  The State objected the relevancy of the reports, but was willing to stipulate that the author did not have to come and testify to authenticate the report.


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