Deboer v. Synder- Day 1 Update 8

On cross exam of Dr. Brodzinsky, the AG’s office questioned him as to why he believes his research methods are better than those used by the experts relied on by the AG.  He also tried to show that the Donaldson Institute was receiving substantial donations from LGBT friendly organizations.  These contributions total about $200k over several years, and the Institute’s budget is approx $1M per year.
Next expert witness for the Plaintiffs is Michael Rosenfeld, professor of sociology at Berkley.  He reviewed demographic studies on early educational outcomes for children of opposite sex married couples, children of same sex couples and children who were adopted and in foster case.
He concludes and shows is his graphic charts that children of same sex couples are not disparately impacted by their parentage when compared to the children of opposite sex couples.  And actually did a little bit better.  Sample group is about 5% of the US population.  “No significant difference”.   Children in foster care fared significantly worse in the competence interval study.
His study was critiqued by Professor Allen in an article published in Demography.  and claimed he reached a vastly different report.  Dr. Rosenfeld was able to  create his own results.  He was not able to reproduce the results of Prof Allen and can not explain why or how those results were reached.  Prof Allen’s results are unexplainable and in his opinin has “exaggerated the results by about 50x”.

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