Deboer v. Snyder- Day 1 Update 9

Dr. Rosenfeld’s discussion about the available studies.  Some studies add in groups that are not helpful to the analysis.  Doing the anaylsis with the information in cannot be corrected by taking it out later.  It is already skewed.
Using the census, the problem is that you don’t know how the children reported in the census ended up in the family.  adopted children, foster children and step children carry baggage into the family.  Want to distinguish between the effect of being raised by SS couple from the effects of being adopted, foster and step-children.
Difference between the groups that we can’t observe, and therefore it is best to keep them out of the study to get the purest results on this issue.  Can’t add them in and then take them out and get the same results.
If you add in step-children, it doesn’t really make a difference in the results.  It is the adoptive and foster children who make the most difference in the outcome.  Canadian study does not measure results of being raised in the same household.  It is based on whether or not the children were all living in the same household five years ago.  Not the makeup of the household, or what was going on for the children prior to the five year timeframe.
The data is a cross-sectional census and does not cover enough of the child’s trajectory to figure out what was happening with the child.  There is very little information about who they were living with or the circumstances, therefore you cannot draw any conclusions about being raised by same sex couples.

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