Deboer v. Snyder – Day 1 Update 7

Dr. Brodzinsky distinguished the studies relied on by the AG.  Testified that there was a great deal of criticism of the Regernus study.  An internal audit was instituted and a report published.  This is an extremely rare process.  Usually, if you know there is a flaw in a previous study, then subsequent researchers will try to correct for that.  Sometimes a study is so mis-represetative of the field, another researcher can write a reply article.  What is extratordinarily rare is what happen here.  In Dr. B’s career, he has never seen this happen. Study published in Children Australia.  Not a known professional journal.  His study showed that the children of same sex couples do poorer.  Again, all participants were from failed opposite sex relationships, single parents, and other situations where predictors of maladjustment would otherwise be a factor. Douglas Allen – Based on Canadian census.  Purports to show that young adults – 8-24 year olds have higher graduation rates than those raised by same sex couples.  The only factor was where the children were within last 5 years prior to the study (cross-sectional study).  Conducted mid to late 80s.  Given that time period, very few children were planned children of the same sex couple.  Extrapolates to show that the children were likely the children of failed opposite sex marriages.   No data was gathered before five years prior to the child entering the study. there is no information as to where the children were living or what they were experiencing prior to that time.


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