Deboer v Snyder – Day 1 Update 3

Begin Direct Examination.

Plaintiff attorney questioning Dr. Brodzinsky takes the stand.  He is a developmental and clinical psychologist.  His work focuses on adoption, foster care, child development, non-traditional parenting life, and same-sex parenting.  He was a professor in the Rutgers Psychology Department from 1974 to 2006 and is now a researcher with the Donaldson Institute.

He testified at length about the studies that have taken place regarding same sex parenting.  He described research methodology, and sampling that would reveal meaningful data.

He went over the principal of child adjustment

Ability to function well in a normal range in one or more areas:  attachment, academic areas, social development

What family circumstances promote health child adjustment?

Quality of parent-child relationship, symptomology, progress in school, peer relationships, etc.

Any factors that precit positive adjustment?

Primary factors relating to the quality of parent-child relationship, quality of relationship between the two parents, warmer parent relationship, soothing characteristics of parent, emotional sensitivity.  Ability to employ age appropriate rules.  Resources within the family and externally, mental health of parents.

Predictors can predict child outcome regardless of household form – single, divorce, race, SES, gender of parents and sexual orientation.

It is very well established that these are the predictors in the child welfare area that predict problems for the child in adolescence and adulthood.


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