Deboer v. Snyder- Day 1 Update 10

Rosenfeld on the Regenerus study – He states that the report was not about children raised by same sex couples.  Few of the 75 subects ever lived with the same sex couples.  Many of them went through many transitions in family structure.  The “same sex” couples identified were relationships dating back to the 70s, 80s and 90s.  He found that the negative results identified in the study were as a result of the number of family transitions the child went through.  Children crave stability and instability in the family is potentially harmful to the child.  He compared children from this group to children raised by intact opposite sex married couples.  All of the negative outcomes are predicted by family transitions and none of them are associated with lesbian or gay parents.
Gave case scenarios:  Female.  birth lived with opposite sex married birth parents, at 3 years old dad moved out, 6 yeares old grandparents moved in, they moved out and dad moved back in at age 12, he moved out at age 14,  at time of study 18 and female lived with lesbian mother.  This was catagorized in the Regnerus’ data as being raised by a same sex partner.
Case 2: lived with bio mother at birth, at 1 bio dad moved in, at age 11 dad moved out, at 13 same sex partner moved in, at 15 moved in with bio dad.  Transitions, turmoil around time that partner lived there.  Can’t separate out impact of same sex parenting from the impact of other events.

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