Deboer v Snyder – Day 1 Update 1

This morning, Judge Friedman took the bench to hear the case of Deboer v. Snyder.  Opening statements were made by the attorneys.  The parties had stipulated to make of the underlying facts, including that the plaintiff’s mothers’ character history is not in dispute.  Plaintiff’s attorney stated that the case was about challenging the ban on second parent adoptions and on the marriage ban.

The Attorney General’s office in its opening statement stated that same sex marriage was too new to know what the impact will be.  They claim the research is unsettled and that this is about the will of the people of Michigan and the state’s interest in encouraging procreation in a family with one father and one mother.  She stated that the judges in the recent marriage cases in Utah, Oklahoma and Virginia are wrong because the judges lost sight of the standard of scrutiny.


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