Deboer v. Snyder- Day 1 Update 5

Dr. Brodzinsky talked about the research methodology.  Cross-sectional (snapshot type view of the subject) vs. Longitudinal (a study over a set period of time usually decades).  Conveience sample (sampling of subjects in the community by going directly and asking to participate) or population study (pulling from census or other demographics studies)  He stated that population studies are not as meaningful if you are trying to examine details of the person’s life (adjustment predicters, makeup of the household, problems in school, etc) as opposed to demographic infomation (how many people report raising children in a same sex parent household).
He distinguished the studies by the experts advanced by the AG’s office juxtaposed with the studies he was relying on and explained why some of the studies were not reliable to advance an opinion as to the specific quetions of whether or not children raised by same sex parents fare better, worse or the same as children raised by opposite sex couples.

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